With a thousand-year-old history, Athens is the birthplace of the western civilization. Its cultural and artistic attraction makes it a must-visit place. This powerful city state was the political and philosophical focus of the Classical Mediterranean, and the Acropolis was the most sacred place of that Athens.

With Past View Athens you have a unique opportunity; travelling hundreds of years to the past to the most splendorous period of the Athenian capital. You will come in through the majestic Propylaea gateway; you will enjoy the original splendour of the Acropolis; you will visit the Parthenon, or the Erechtheion and its Caryatids, just as the Athenians from the classical Greece did; you will even meet in person characters like the priestess of the Parthenon, a Hoplite, or Plato himself.


Past View Athens goes all over the Athenian Acropolis. Besides, it covers both the Classical Greece period, and the period when it was dominated by the Roman Empire. Throughout the journey, we will travel in time to discover the what the Propylaea gateway, the Temple of Athena Nike, the Erechtheion, and the Parthenon look like during the classical period, both inside and outside; and you will see the outstanding sculpture of Athena Parthenos. You will also discover the original aspect of the Roman Odeon and the Theatre of Dionysus. You will not only see buildings and monuments, but you will also discover the daily life of those Athenians by the hand of a venerable elderly man, a priestess, a playwright, or Plato himself.

But your experience doesn’t end up here. With the videoguide, you will discover the history of the Acropolis, its mythological origin, the history of Athens, and its most important and touristic places nowadays. Besides, thanks to the movement sensor, to the Augmented Reality and to graphic reconstructions, you will see the outstanding sculpture of Athena Promachos of 15 metres of height sculpted in bronze by Pheidias


The route of Past View Athens lasts, approximately 2h


Spanish and english.


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