It is in Ephesus, located in Eastern Mediterranean, which rises the Artemis Temple one the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Next to the Temple, its strategic Port transformed the city into one of the most important places and affluent of the Roman Empire. In today’s Turkey, Ephesus continues to play a key role by being the most spectacular archaeological site and the most visited.
With Past View Ephesus you will attend a different visit guided, traveling through the time, living the splendor of antique Ephesus. Each place reconstructed in 3D is full of life, with Roman patricians, Ephesus`s merchant, Mark Antony and Cleopatra themselves who will pass next to you. An interactive package that will explain the environment of that time.


Past View Ephesus covers the main areas of the archaeological site of EphesusThe Odeon, the Via Courete, the Celsus Library, the Theatre and the Academy Street. In each travel in time, you will see as they were originally thanks to virtual reconstructions.

But your experience does not end there. The video tour will make you discover the history of Ephesus, the importance of its port and the running of the Commercial Agora. And thanks to the motion sensor, the Augmented Reality and computer graphics reconstructions you will see the splendor of monuments like the Fountain of Trajan and the Memmius Monument.


The Past View Ephesus guided tour  lasts approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes


Spanish, English and Portuguese.


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