Protocol Past View ANTI-COVID19

The attendant must permanently wear the mask.

The assistant must disinfect their hands with hydro-alcoholic gel before handling the devices.

The assistant should make sure that there are spare masks and hydro-alcoholic gel.

Upon the arrival of the clients, after welcoming, and before placing the devices, the following actions will be carried out:

Ask that during the route they maintain a safe distance between people or family units.

Take each client’s temperature with the thermometer / gun pointed at the client’s forehead. In the event that a customer sets a temperature higher than 37’2, the temperature measurement will be repeated up to 3 times. If the same measurement persists above 37’2, the client will not be able to make the route.

Remember that during the tour they are obliged to wear the mask.

Warn that the guide will carry along the route, a spare mask in case a client breaks. This mask will be delivered free of charge.

Offer hydro-alcoholic gel for the hands before starting the route and comment that it will be available along it in case someone needs it.

Explain that the devices in front of them will be disinfected with a UV lamp.

Once the indications are finished

Disinfect the devices by passing over them, on all sides, the UV lamp. Take care that the lamp does not illuminate the eyes of either the guide or the clients.

Start the route normally.