Past View are a guided tourist routes that allow to see how was the historical heritage of a city in different times of the past.

The Past View device, made up of smartphones and a touch pad, will allow the visitor to enter the past through virtual reconstructions and AR technology (Augmented Reality) that will allow to approach the patrimonial spaces of a near and immersive way.

Virtual images are not simply architectural recreations but the user will be present in places full of life, with characters of the time. Even one of these characters will address them, acting as cicerone.

Thanks to the motion sensor, the user can contemplate panoramas of the past, compare them with the present, thus improving the sensory experience and making the tour different and innovative.


The hardware of Past View contains software that allows the user to interact in the interpretation of the heritage as well as to access additional contents (information of monuments, gallery of images, AR, locutions, etc.). Through the technology of augmented reality, visitors can compare past and present of the main monuments of the city in an innovative and intuitive way. In addition, the software has integrated a GPS system that will permanently keep geolocated the visitor. The guided tour is attended by specialized staff.


Past View is a unique and pioneering tourism product in the world. New technologies offer us more and more possibilities and we apply them in an innovative guided route. The tourist demands a more complete experience when traveling to a place.

Past View is a sensorial experience, it is the tourism of the 21st century.

For what?

Past View offers tours both for tourists who want to discover a city in a different way as for the residents of the city who want to know their own past. Big and small now have the ability to travel in time. When you visit a place, questions like “What would the people of the time say when they come here? How would it be? I wish I could see it with my own eyes. ” These questions and desires are answered: Past View

Travel to the past now

Place the mouse on the center line and travel in time